Hi. I’m Blah. In my nonline life I’m called Anna and I’ve been a variety crafter all my life. No, really, I even tried window color when it was cool for about two weeks. Having a bad addiction to chocolate, I also love the color green, collecting wigs and the bodypart I look first at in a person is their nose. There you go, all the important facts.

my Arts and crafts

While I do try out everything that I can, I’ve always in my live drawn, from small childhood. There’s also a certain love for theatre that acompanied me all my life. When I left school I became a seamstress (with a paper stating that I can sew and all). Then I switched and became a graphics designer, which I’m up to this day. I mostly work in webdesign. I also started cosplaying, but always with a heavy focus on sewing. Photography joined my list of hobbies here. In more recent times I discovered Doll Repainting and Ball Jointed Dolls, and I enjoy doing face ups. If I’m totally in peace with my self I also like sewing for them. The youngest art I like doing is sculpting with polymer clay.