Downloads, Tutorials and patterns

I’ve always liked making sewing patterns, tutorials and content for other people.
So I’m slowly getting the things over from my old website, trying to update it, and make new stuff.


My patterns here are free to download. Do not sell them and I ask of you to not sell any items you made with them. Making them is still a lot of work. If you want to support or thank me monetairily, buy me a cocoa over on ko-fi <3

"hyperhopper" Messenger Bag

A basic messenger bag that I have sewn for the second time now, and named accordingly to my newest build. It features a printable pattern in english and german as well as instructions. Pattern is available as Din size as well as letter for print.

Drawing Glove

If you're bored of the usual black drawing gloves that come with your tablet, color up your artist life and make your own! I've tried to keep the instructions and sewing methods beginner friendly.
Pattern is Available in Din/letter and German/English.