Panels and Workshops for your convention

In my years of doing cosplay and visiting conventions, I have gathered a lot of experience not only with the topics itself, but also with being a panelist for Conventions.

Table of Contents

Workshop Presentations/Scripts

I’ll slowly gather my workshop presentations here, so you can re-read them after the panels. Please note that I’m mostly at german conventions, so most of these will be in German.

Download “Schnitte und Zuschnitt” (updated 2022/DE)

Download “Organisation und Kostümplanung” (updated 2022/DE)

Download “Performance und Wettbewerbe” (updated 2024/DE)

Download “Prinzessinnenkleider 101” (updated 2023/DE)

Download “Freelancing in Creative” (updated 2023/DE)

Download “Corsagen für Einsteiger” (updated 2023/DE)

Panels and Workshops for your Convention

If you are looking for a panelist for your Con, here is a list of topics I can talk about or have already talked about.

I’m a professional, educated seamstress and do have have a degree in grafic design and marketing. And I love teaching! Take a look if there is anything interesting for you.

Cosplay related topics

  • Corsets for beginners
    Different kinds of corsets, corset- and fashion-layer, boning and lacing, pattern changes   
  • Sewing for beginners
    Materials, Tools, machine- and handsewing basics, fabrics, easy and hard to make projects  
  • Cosplay/Costumes for beginners
    Choice of costume, to buy or to craft, occasion (con, larp, performance, photoshoot), estimating your own skills, easy and hard projects   
  •  Patterns and cutting
    Shopping sources, usage of commercial patterns, changing a pattern for your measurements, taking patterns from a body, cheese new patterns   
  • Costume planning and organisation
    Time/material/costmanagement, research, brainstorming for ideas, choice of materials, things that will slow down your process, decision making in accuracy   
  • Princessdresses 101
    Historical overview, petticoats, skirt shapes, bodice shapes, boning, hems, sleeves, ruffles and pleats, materials, trimmings and ornaments.
  • Zippers
    Materials, kinds of zippers, normal zippers, invisible zippers, jeans zippers   
  • Fabrics
    Raw materials, Choice of materials, often used materials, Weave and knit, different weaves, tipps for difficult fabrics (vinyl, velvet, stretch etc)
  • Wigs for beginners
    Anatomy of artificial fiber wigs, wearing wigs, fixing them to your head, storage, transport, basic styling (curls, straighten, cutting)
  • Performance and Competitions
    Different kinds of Competitions, main focus of different competions, costume planning for performances, different kinds of performances, dramaturgy   
  • Animal Ears
    Materials, fabrics, dying fabrics approriately, decoration, fixing Ears to your head or wig

In general I can cater to almost every sewing related topic, so if you need one that isn’t listed, write me about it!

Other topics

Aside from cosplay, there are a few other topics I can talk about:

  • Figure making/sculpting with polymer clay
    Materials and tools, armature, sculpting, painting  
  • Doll Repaints
    Repainting Fashiondolls with Monster- or Ever After High dolls as an example, removing factory paint, painting, shading, hair (wigs/rerooting)
  • Drawing for beginners
    Traditional vs digital art, different media, cheap vs expensive materials, line guidance, references and how to use them
  • Watercolor and inking for beginners
    Papers, paints and inks, tools, washes, layering 
  • Brandbuilding for Commissioners (Artists, Cosplayers, Crafters…) 
    Corporate design, target audiences, copy strategies, tools for templates and social media, website planning (short version)   
  • Freelancing as a creative
    formal requirements, client management, realistic expectations in your job, self marketing overview   
  • WordPress for beginners
    Installation, Blocks and Themes vs Pagebuilders vs Themebuilders, making a website structure, pages vs posts, taxonomies, maintenance